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Established Experts
We are industry established experts in the cleaning of woven soft furnishings and leather upholstery, with many years experience gained from cleaning for both domestic and commercial customers since 1988. We clean all types of upholstered furniture including natural and synthetic fabrics, blended fabrics and dry clean only fabrics, including delicate antique upholstered furniture.

Fabric Styles
There are many different types of fabric, styles, weaves for the consumer to choose from, and whilst most people buy a particular suite of furniture for its aesthetics, sometimes little thought is given as to how the fabric will wear, or even soil over the years. Some fabrics such as cotton or cotton blends are very durable, and others such as Wool can hide soiling very well. Some modern synthetic fibres can look soiled more quickly than natural fibres, and actually become soiled quickly, as they have oil attracting properties in their molecular make up.

Professional Cleaning
When the fabric starts to look dull we recommend that professional cleaning is carried out to restore a pre-soiled appearance. If the fabric is allowed to go without cleaning for a long time, then soils can actually attack the dyes, and even weaken the fabric. Cleaning frequency will also depend on the furnitures use, especially if it's being used by a growing family. So, we recommend cleaning is carried at least once every two to three years. We do however have customers who like their upholstery to look fresh and clean all year round, so we clean annually for them.

Many of our customers ask for our additional service, where we apply Scotchgard™ fabric soil and spill protection treatment to their soft furnisshings, to help keep them cleaner and fresher for longer. This treatment makes the fabric more resilient to soiling and also spills. The treatment works by encapsulating the individual fibres making liquids bead up on the surface, therefore offering very good protection from staining.

Internationally Recognised Standards
We are fully trained in the cleaning of your soft furnishings working to Internationally recognised standards, and we always carry out a full survey providing you with a written quotation. We also carry out a test clean to ensure that the methods and cleaning products that we use, are not going to be detrimental to the dyes used in your fabrics or the structural stability of the fibres. We also include in our quotation the condition of the fabric, including soil levels, wear, fading and any other damage. This is very important so that we can always carry out Professional results, and provide you with piece of mind when using our company.

We are experts but many in our industry are not and simply won't take the care and professionalism that we use, to carry out deep cleaning in order to restore the pre-soiled appearance of your soft furnishing investment.


Step 1-Vacuuming the Cushions & Frames:
We first clear the area of coffee tables and any rugs that may be in the area, where we will be cleaning your suite. This is so that we can place plastic sheeting and absorbent cotton sheeting down to protect fitted carpets, and or hard flooring from moisture. We then move the frames of your furniture on to this double sheeting, so that we can begin cleaning.
Carpets are regularly vacuumed weekly to remove dust and dirt particles, but the same attention to detail is often not afforded to upholstery. We always thoroughly vacuum the cushions and the upholstered frame, to remove the build up of dust that can be hidden within the fabric. Some of this will be insoluble matter but some will be soluble in water, so it's very important to remove it prior to hot water extraction cleaning. The soiling that remains on the fabric after vacuuming is normally made up off dust particles along with oils, which makes the fabric look dull, hiding colours and also the pattern of the fabric.

Step 2-Applying a Soil Conditioning Upholstery Cleaning Pre-Spray:
We clean the frames first and prepare our environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning solution, by diluting it with hot water, as per the manufacturers instructions. We then apply the cleaning solution directly to the surface of the fabric with a hand held sprayer. This lightly dampens the fabric and immediately starts to emulsify the soils that are present, breaking the bond that holds them in place. We allow the product to dwell for a short period of time prior to the next stage of our cleaning process.

Step 3-Agitating the fabric:
Whilst the fabric is still damp we agitate our environmentally friendly cleaning solution to help break down the soiling and disperse the solution evenly into the fabric without over wetting the cushions. We do not want to force our cleaning solution into the foam cushioning or backing of the fabric, as drying will times will be extended. We have a verity of special upholstery cleaning brushes, sponges, pads and towelling that we use to agitate with, and from our extensive experience we select the most appropriate ones to suit the fabric type, and soiling that we are cleaning. Even very delicate fibres can be cleaned in this way without detrimental affect to the fabric.

Step 4-Hot water Extraction Rinsing of the Fabric:
The action of pre-spraying and agitating the fabric has suspended impacted soils, and helped to release them from the fibres, ready for us to rinse them away with our unique hot water extraction cleaning system. We use a special total fluid control upholstery hand tool to thoroughly flush the fabric free of the suspended soils. This unique tooling is the most advanced within the industry, and when it is applied to the surface of the fabric a hydraulic circuit is made. This makes it impossible to over wet the fabric even at cleaning pressures of up to 500psi. The cleaning solution is atomised under high pressure which passes through the fibres, and is instantly vacuumed away. Delicate fabrics can be safely cleaned in this way, and we have even cleaned antique fabric wall paper with this revolutionary system!

Step 5-Setting the Fabrics Pile:
Their are many different fabrics and as with our carpet cleaning service, it's important to set the pile after cleaning has been completed. This is particularly important on piled fabrics to remove any extraction marks. Even flat woven fabrics benefit from this treatment, and as we use absorbent towelling for this step, additional moisture is removed further aiding the drying process. During cleaning we also use air movers to circulate air and help dry the fabric, so drying times are greatly reduced.

After your fabric has been cleaned we can also apply Scotchgard™ soiil and spill protection treatment if required. This unique product helps to keep the upholstery looking cleaner for longer. We also adopt low-moisture cleaning methods on upholstery, substituting hot water extraction cleaning when necessary with dry and wet shampoo encapsulation cleaning. Or spray cleaning and also dry steam cleaning. Dry steam cleaning with our commercial steam cleaning machine is particularly effective when we clean curtains in the home.

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  • Mrs. Jo Moody
    Thank you for cleaning my carpets, curtains and furniture. They look fantastic, and I won't leave it so long next time!
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    Our carpets and upholstery are now fresh and clean. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to family & friends.
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    Your weekly cleaning service is fabulous, and a real god send in our busy household.
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    Our upholstery and curtains look fantastic. Thank you so much!
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    Thank you for removing the red wine stain from our lounge wool carpet. We thought we'd have to claim for a new carpet on our home insurance.

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