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Internationally Recognized Standards
We are second generation experts in the cleaning of all types of fitted carpets, and area rugs including antique oriental carpets. We clean to Internationally recognized standards and have gained many qualifications over the years, attending both equipment and chemical manufacturers courses. Along, with trade association training courses passing exams, that have helped us to deliver the highest possible service for our many customers.

Appropriate Method, and Cleaning Solution
We continue to invest in regular industry training courses to ensure we deliver consistent high standards of cleaning for our carpet and upholstery cleaning customers. We carry out a full survey and provide a written quotation prior to commencement of cleaning. During the survey we identify the carpets construction including face fibre type, and also the backing materials used in the construction of the carpet. This information combined with thorough testing for colour fastness, enables us to select the most appropriate method, and cleaning solution to clean your carpets restoring a pre-soiled appearance to them.

Our survey highlights pre-existing soil levels, wear, fading, any damage and also staining that may be permanent. We bring these to your attention as some household spills can permanently alter the dyes used by the carpet manufacturer. Stains can either add colour or even remove carpet dye by bleaching, sometimes resulting in an impossible to remove stain.

Our primary carpet cleaning process involves five industry recognised steps to thoroughly deep clean your carpet, and freshen whilst restoring a pre-soiled appearance to the carpet fibres...lifting the pile helping to extend the working life of the carpet.

Step One-Vacuuming the Carpet Pile:
We thoroughly vacuum the carpet using a commercial grade vacuum upright fitted with a hospital grade filter, which cleans and filters the air passing through vacuum. The cylindrical brush action of our vacuum upright passes through the fibres lifting the pile helping to remove both soluble, and insoluble particulate matter. This walked in contamination contributes to the carpet pile becoming dull and lifeless, causing premature wear to the fibres as the particles can be very abrasive. Also, tracked in soiling can cause odours to develop contributing to poor indoor air quality. We vacuum the whole carpet area including the edges moving furniture as we go, and we pay particular attention to the traffic lanes that can develop. These areas often have compacted soils and additional passes with the vacuum upright ensures that the best results are achieved prior to deep cleaning using hot water extraction.

Step Two-Applying a Soil Conditioning Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray:
Once vacuuming has been carried out we prepare our environmentally friendly cleaning solution by diluting it with hot water, as per our manufacturers instructions. We then apply the ready to use cleaning solution via a pump up pressure sprayer fitted with a special nozzle directly onto the surface of the pile. Application with our unique safe and non-toxic cleaning solution is light and even ensuring it penetrates into the fibres without over-wetting. The solution immediately starts to break down the bond that holds soiling in place, and facilitates its removal with the next stage of our cleaning process. Odours and problematic spots and stains are also treated at this stage.

Step Three-Agitating the Carpet Pile:
Whilst, the carpet pile is still damp from the application of our pre-spray we thoroughly agitate the pile either by manual, or mechanical means to disperse the cleaning solution evenly into the pile. This action increases the overall effectiveness of the cleaning solution, controlling the amount of moisture used. Whilst, at the same time suspending the soiling that has been released, so that it stays on the surface and doesn't penetrate into the carpet backing. This is important for the next stage of our cleaning process as we do not want to over wet the carpet.

Step Four-Hot Water Extraction Rinsing of the Carpet Pile:
The released and suspended soils from pre-spraying and agitation now need flushing away. So, working in controlled sections and before the carpet has a chance to dry, we make controlled extraction passes with our unique advanced fluid-control carpet cleaning equipment. This amazing carpet soil extraction equipment forms a hydraulic circuit when in contact with the carpet pile, to thoroughly wash the carpet fibres without injecting the cleaning solution deep into the carpet backing. This completely removes the risk of shrinkage, carpet browning and malodours from developing thus leaving your carpets clean, fresh and ready for use with minimal down time. Our unique and industry patented Total Fluid Control tooling enables us to wash away soils at pressures of up-to 1000 psi, whilst at the same time recovering up to 92% of the cleaning solution used, to offer drying times of as little as between 2-4 hours!

Step Five-Setting the Pile:
Once extraction rinsing is complete we groom the carpet pile with a special pile grooming brush to remove any extraction marks from the cleaning process, and to facilitate the drying process. This is an important step to avoid the pile looking distorted and drying in the wrong pile direction, which can be difficult to remove by the customer.



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Thank you for cleaning my carpets, curtains and furniture. They look fantastic, and I won't leave it so long next time!

Mrs. Jo Moody Mrs. Jo Moody

Our carpets and upholstery are now fresh and clean. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to family & friends.

Mrs. Ann Johnson Mrs. Ann Johnson

Your weekly cleaning service is fabulous, and a real god send in our busy household.

Mrs. Howard, Syston Mrs. Howard, Syston

Our upholstery and curtains look fantastic. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Allan, Syston Mrs. Allan, Syston

Carpet Cleaners Syston

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Our Process

This is the process we have used for over 25 years and is recognised by carpet manufacturers and the cleaning industry.
It provide the most effective cleaning results when cleaning carpets in the home. Working as a two-person team we can clean in your home moving furniture with minimal down time ensuring your cleaned carpets are back in use asap! We protect your furnishings as we clean and place protective tabs and blocks under wooden legs, and also under metal feet to stop wood dye migration, and rust marks from appearing on the carpet. These should be left in place until the carpet is completely dry.

To keep your carpets cleaner for longer we recommend the additional treatment of a carpet protector such as Scotchgard™, which is a industry esttablished and consumer recognised soil and spill protection treatment. We have been applying Scotchgard™ for over 25 years and have serviced bothh Independent and National carpet and soft furnishing retailers with this World famous product. When it first launched it immediately became an industry standard...offering customers piece of mind when dealing with the inevitable soils and spills that can happen within the home.

We also apply the same 5-Step process when low-moisture carpet cleaning systems are used, and or required. In this instance we substitute our hot water extraction process with dry compound carpet cleaning, carpet shampoo encapsulating cleaning and or carpet bonnet cleaning. These also provide highly effective cleaning results and as low-moisture is used, carpets can be back in use in less than an hour.

We clean for both domestic and commercial customers in the Charnwood and Melton areas of Leicestershire, and you can be assured of the highest possible standards.

We offer regular planned maintenance carpet cleaning, which has been shown to help extend the appearance, and also the working life of your carpets for longer. No job is either too small or too big, and we clean carpets in the home, office, pub, restaurant, hospital, hotel, cinema, leisure centre and exhibition centre.

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